Ballistic Mystix APIs

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Character rendering

This will allow to render character with items (no particle effects)

If no type is selected and 3d rendering fails, then HTTP status code 203 with 2d rendered images will be returned.

Optional parameters:

Avatar appearance

Armor, contains sheetid and item color (eg, chest=iczalv_3.sitem/1)

Items, contains sheetid (eg, handl=icmm1ss_2.sitem)

If requested item or haircut is not found (or possibly can't be used by race), then default item is used instead.

Advanced parameters

Normal parameters will override these.

Rendering service code is available on github (php client, c++ server).


2d rendered image

3d rendered image (45deg angle)

Maps (icon)

Maps icon code is available on github.

Maps javascript

map.js requires leaflet.js to be loaded separately.


If version is not set, then latest version is provided automatically.

Non-minified version is available if map.min.js is replaced with map.js and map-areas.min.js with map-areas.js.

map-areas.js is only needed if you want to use Ryzom.findIngameAreas(x,y) function, otherwise it does not need to be included

Tagged versions

Tagged versions do not change. Downloading and hosting yourself is recommended. Using subresource integrity is recommended.


var map1 ='maps-example1');
map1.addControl(new L.Control.MousePosition());

var fh = [17162, -32906];
var marker = L.marker(fh, {icon: Ryzom.icon('npc', 'FF9', 24), title: 'Hello!'}).addTo(map1);
map1.setView(fh, 8);

var map2 ='maps-example2', { rzMode: 'server' });
map2.addControl(new L.Control.MousePosition());

var map3 ='maps-example3', { rzSatellite: false });
map3.addControl(new L.Control.MousePosition());

Maps javascript code is available on github.

Maps tiles


Translated text tiles are in png format so change .jpg to .png

All images are 256x256px. Base zoom level is 10 where 1px = 1meter

Maps tiles generator code is available on github.

Map renderer (c++) is available on github.

Static maps

Where parameters are

Static maps generator code is available on github.



Returns JSON

    "version": "1.0",
    "hour": "372877.079",
    "cycle": 124292,
    "continents": {
        "zorai": {
            "124292": {
                "cycle": 124292,
                "condition": "good",
                "value": "0.225",
                "text": "uiFair"


Ryzom weather code is available on github.